Vulnerability Management

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Don't give Vulnerabilities a chance

Vulnerability management is required to identify, classify, prioritize, remediate and mitigate software vulnerabilities.
It is integral and imperative to an organisation security to esnure a matured vulnerability management.

Vulnerability assessment

Scan and Identify vulnerabilities in order to understand the risk for your organization by providing business context to priortize and remediate the vulnerbailities.

Continous Scanning and Monitoring

Provide continuous monitoring and scanning of the environments within the organisation for configuration changes,newly installed software and discovered vulnerabilities.Provide proactive analysis as part of the monitoring to outline any pen tests where required.

Vulnerability Remediation and Reporting

SCS provides robust reporting which helps you to understand risks and prioritize the vulnerability remediation to minimize impact across the infrastructure. It provides an outline for gudiance on vulnerability remediation and resolution for all known vulnerbailities.

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