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Welcome to Siri Consulting Services, your cybersecurity company in Dallas, Texas and one-stop solution against cybersecurity issues in every industry. No matter what you're looking for: Your cybersecurity is our number one goal. We take pride in our comprehensive strategies to keep protect you from cyber crime of every kind.
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The digital age we live in now holds unknown dangers and a new level of crime. It’s time to protect your digital data, no matter what kind with our trusted cybersecurity programs and strategy to prevent you from scam and cyber crime.

Our Capabilities

We focus on vulnerability management as well as data and cloud security. We dispose of excellent cybersecurity strategies to protect our customers from cyber criminality. Let's get int touch today.

Solutions by Industry

Many companies already trust in our services as their partner for cybersecurity including financial services, retail companies, insurers and software companies around the Globe.

About us - the Company

We specialize in extensive cybersecurity services. We focus on protecting individuals and businesses from digital threats of all kinds.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Validate your IT security gaps with a custom risk management plan. Our security audits enable to tailor a risk mitigtion plan, outline the development of risk treatment measures, and estimate the budget, equipping you with a comprehensive strategy that will boost your security. To achieve the right results, SCS will help to integrate the plan with your existing cybersecurity systems.

Security Testing of Source Code

Detect and remediate any vulnerabilities in your code before it goes to production. Security testing and code review of the source code allows discovering vulnerabilities and design flaws, easily gathered in a holistic report, while providing feedback to developers to fix issues om a priority basis.

Penetration Testing

Validate your IT systems security in action with pentesting and red teaming .By an acurated simulated cyberattack. Our experts develop attack vectors & scenarios and define test parameters to ensure we discover all potential threats. To provide you with a detailed report, we apply industry best practices and utilize hundreds of pentesting tools, such as DNSstuff Colasoft Packet Builder, Fiddler, and others.

Security Process Audits

Enable efficient business operations with security process audits – systematic evaluation of your information system security. We will assess the existing security processes against various standards and industry-specific regulations, such as ISO, GDPR, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001 , HIPPA etc., and measure the performance of your information system against a defined set of controls. SCS will help create security audit plans aligning organisational security governance framework.

How we protect you

Our Capabilities:
100% cybersecurity

Our comprehensive cybersecurity strategies are designed to keep you safe from all forms of cyber crime, no matter what kind of business you run. Meet us in person in our cybersecurity company in Dallas, Texas.

Vulnerability Management

Protect every sensitive data from unauthorized access

Data Security

We protect your data from unauthorized modification

Cloud Security

We protect your cloud-based infrastructure 24/7.

Soc as a Service

The best cloud-based and managed threat detection

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Your Cybersecurity Company in Dallas, Texas

Solutions by Industry

Our years of experience in the cybersecurity sector enable us to offer a wide range of services for many industries.

Financial Services ⟶

Financial Services trust in us as our team is among the best in its industry with years of experience in cyber security for sensitive data.

Retail Industry ⟶

No matter if you run a big online business with thousands of customers or classic stores. Our dedicated cyber security team's got your back.

Insurance Companies ⟶

Insurance Companies deal with very sensitive data and a lot of customers close deals online. We strive in protecting their data 24/7.

Whether you're programming an app or launching new financial software: We professionally secure your million-dollar code.

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Protecting your assets and your brand.

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Whether you run a big company or a small business. The first consultation is 100% free of charge. We offer a 30-minute call for free. Feel free to schedule an appointment with us either in Dallas or via phone and let's talk about your cybersecurity project.

With a team of dedicated experts in the USA

Our team is located in the Dallas, Texas area in the United States and happy to help when it comes to cyber security and data protection. Don't hesitate to contact us for your project, no matter what type and size of business you have.

Security on a global scale

Our cybersecurity company is located in Dallas, Texas but our customers come from all over the world. We strive to have a global security network in different sectors. This way we are able to provide you with the best and fastest cyber security service worldwide.

24/7 Premium Support

We offer a wide range of services including 24/7 Premium Support for our B2B customers in the United States, no matter if they are in Dallas or in other states. We protect you from unauthorized access and data loss. Your digital infrastructure is safe with us.